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What do you think about digital marketing? And what are the best tools to become a digital marketer?

Digital Marketing has become the leading marketing channel for marketers as it give them an opportunity to reach and engage their prospects and convert them into customers, by making use of all digital media platforms and digital devices. These platforms include social media marketing, display media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and marketing, influencer marketing and audio marketing. Digital marketing offers multiple levels of targeting to marketers, such as Gender, Age, Location, Interests and Devices. In the coming years, digital marketing is expected to grow manifold and capture a major share of the marketing budget.

Becoming a digital marketer requires learning a lot of theory and then putting it into practice. As a digital marketing professional, you are required to be an expert in a set of diverse skills. As part of conceptualising and implementing a sound digital marketing campaign, you will be required to do multiple things simultaneously. For doing so, it is important that you are proficient in digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Website Analytics, YouTube Insights, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Ads Manager, Twitter Ads Manager, E-commerce Ads Manager, Influencer Marketing Tools, SEMrush, Ahrefs and Mailchimp Software.

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