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Web Development Agency in Mumbai

Website Development

Your website gives potential customers their first impression of your business and conveys a lot about the same, not just in terms of the knowledge it contains but also more importantly—in terms of the experience it offers users. When having a website designed and developed, you want a partner with an entrepreneurial mindset and creative fervor.

Ecommerce Website Development Agency in Mumbai

E-Commerce Website

A web server to host a storefront, payment processing, an inventory database, and an intricate dispatch system are just a few of the layers of functionality that distinguish an eCommerce site from other types of websites. Spicetree Design Agency has created top-notch eCommerce sites by choosing the correct web development platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Custom PHP.

Ecommerce Website Development Agency in Mumbai


Delivering a web UI/UX that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful requires our developers to have a deep understanding of market trends and business types, as well as to make sure that everything adheres to the specific needs of each client.



In order to create a distinctive brand identity for our clients, we create and construct websites that are specifically tailored to their needs. We give consumers an immersive experience through specially designed websites, carefully chosen pictures, interesting content on every page, and simple navigation.


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Web Design & Development


Bringing you high-end web and e-learning solutions through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

WordPress Website Development Company in Mumbai


WordPress is adaptable and the quickest, easiest, and most popular way to start your own website or blog. The site's design and feel may be completely personalized, allowing your brand to stand out and giving visitors a special experience.


Custom PHP

The most widely used programming language for web-related work is PHP. For SEO and meta-tagging, PHP-based websites perform better. Custom web design is essential if you want a flawless website that meets your expectations.

 Shopify Website Development Agency in Mumbai


Shopify provides a hassle-free solution to swiftly build an online store. Since all the elements are rationally structured, the admin interface is clear, user-friendly, and quite intuitive. Shopify provides a tool called "abandoned checkout cart recovery" that automatically tracks and emails these prospective consumers to remind them to complete their transactions.

Woocommerce Website Development Agency in Mumbai


Similar to WordPress, WooCommerce provides a full custom plugin and theme economy and impresses with its straightforward modular design. Hosting on shared and VPS hosting is simple.

HTML/CSS Website Development Agency in Mumbai


Search engine crawlers find HTML websites the easiest to access. Aside from flexibility, it produces the best SEO outcomes. Businesses can benefit from utilizing HTML5 and CSS3.

React Website Development Agency in Mumbai


Helps create a sophisticated, efficient, and understandable development workflow. For creating straightforward, quick, and scalable front-ends for online apps, consider using the open-source JavaScript package React.



We oversee the performance, speed, security, backup, and efficiency of your website. We choose to build this programme up to the point where it will guarantee the speed, security, and integrity of any website that is maintained by us.

Website Maintenance Company in Mumbai
Upkeep the Website Maintenance Company in Mumbai

Upkeep the Website

To ensure the website is free of viruses and destructive code, we undertake routine website health screenings to maintain the website and keep the backup every month.

Technical support

Technical Support

Spicetree Design will provide you with timely, effective assistance to ensure that your website performs at its very best.

Server & Domain

Server & Domain

We offer the top web hosting servers & domains to ensure that your website runs smoothly & hassle-free.

Website Designing & Development Company in Mumbai

Web Design & Development


The world is going through a tectonic shift. In this digital-first ecosystem, habits are changing, point of views is becoming point of news, the old order is giving way to the new command, Dynamic ideas are the new currency for businesses to reach, engage and acquire customers.

We, at Spicetree Design Agency (SDA) are your guiding star in the digital universe, for reaching, acquiring, and retaining customers. We specialize in leveraging the dynamism of storytelling by seamlessly merging it with effective creative solutions for gainfully engaging your prospects and persuading them on the path to purchase.

We analyze and deploy advanced technology to create your brand's dynamic digital assets across multiple customer touch points, with pathbreaking visual design. Through strategic and sustained Digital Marketing, we orchestrate multiple customer-centric stories and release them with relevant targeting parameters, into your customers digital ecosystem. Our Search Engine Optimisation experts ensure that your brand shows up at the exact moment when your prospects are searching for your product or service category.

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