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New Age Lead
Generation Program

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Lead based
Digital marketing

  • We generate valuable leads for your
    business through strategic marketing

The single most important objective of marketing should ideally be generation of quality leads. Everything else is inconsequential if the end result is not quality leads.

In light of today's market scene where marketers are plenty but leads are hard to come by, there is a greater cry for a goal-oriented marketing team.

Audiences have become way too familiar with the conventional marketing methods and tools of communication. They are not surprised by marketing anymore, in a way they used to. This wall of indifference must be broken down by a game changing plan of action.

We, through our New Age Lead Generation campaign encourage businesses to redefine marketing efforts. Our N.A.L.G. campaign addresses business concerns with tried and tested solutions without room for experimentation. Audiences would like marketing to get to the point and provide solutions without beating around the bush and our N.A.L.G. campaign does precisely that. With the aid of research and a plethora of tools, we bring business to businesses.

If you're looking for a way out of mediocrity and want something mind blowing, let's have a chat!

our N.A.L.G. Program

  • Even small details can make a big difference to your brand's website
  • As we audit your mouthpiece – the website, every element has to be strategically placed to effectively meet the end result
  • Be it a call-to-action box or interlinking, sensible use of tools can pave the way for successful communication
  • SEO-friendly websites are lead-friendly websites
  • You may be in possession of the best solution but if you don't tell people, how will they know
  • We break down the solution into understandable terms for people to seek your brand as relevant
  • If content is king, you got to own the throne. In this ever-changing world, the only thing important after content is context
  • To stay relevant, valuable and accessible, coherent communication is key
  • Our work stands tall on all the above factors consistently
  • Analytics can take you places and we honour it without batting an eye
  • We create campaigns (online or offline) based on scientific reasoning and execute it logically to ensure every effort is made with reason
  • LiveChat is a proactive approach to customer service by facilitating conversations with people visiting your website
  • We encourage it because people prefer conversing with people rather than a computer
  • People's addiction to social media is what makes it a money-spinner
  • In light of these events, we help brands make a mark on social media and urge them to spend to get noticed
  • After all, brands ought to be where the people are
  • One of the oldest forms of marketing and yet remains one of the best. In terms of ROI, this one pays
  • For messages that demand space and want to be perceived loud and clear, we suggest marketing through mails
  • This innovative marketing method helps brands attract lost leads
  • A popular marketing tool with the knack to draw customers back to websites through offers, discounts, and customized options as bait
  • Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram are perfect for marketing your brand's video content
  • Today, video has become a marketing must-do rather than an "extra" or secondary channel
  • To get as many eyeballs as possible, a solid way is to host brand content on popular video platforms
  • To give your brand a leg up, affiliate marketing is the way to go
  • Your one move can give your competition a run for their money, so make it a smart progressive move with affiliate marketing

Focal Points
Of The Program


Strategy backed by Data and Analysis

Strategizing methodologies that make campaigns work for you.


Content that Performs

Creating content that entices favourable reactions

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Increase Conversions & Generate Leads

Meeting Lead-oriented objectives through a lead-oriented approach


Highest ROI & Lost C-P-L

Improvising actions for higher returns-on-investment and low cost-per-lead.

Why SDA?

We are a highly motivated, result-driven team that delivers high performance
digital marketing through a consultative approach.