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How Digital Marketing will change in 2022?

2022 will be a defining year for Digital Marketing, when much evolution and innovation will happen across all pillars. For sure, digital marketing is going to change and this change will recalibrate all touch points where marketers will profitably engage their digital-first customers. We feel digital marketing will change in the following ways in 2022:

Brands will begin to initiate their Metaverse marketing activities by creating avatars of their products, for reaching out to their prospects in the third dimension.

Email Marketing will leverage the power of Artificial Learning and Machine Intelligence for better engaging verified and permission-based databases and significantly improving open rates and mailer link click-through rates.

Influencer Marketing will shift to the next level as marketers will identify and groom potential influencers over a minimum contract period of one year, and grow their follower base by empowering them with unique, entertaining and engaging content related to their brand. Moreover, local influencers such as Radio Jockeys, who interact daily with a brand’s prospect, will become a leading choice for marketers for creating customised influencer marketing campaigns using their local lingo and local flavour.

Voice Search will become more prominent, as brands will create conversation type snippets that will be read out as an audio search result whenever a prospect does a voice search on the keywords relevant to the brand.

Brands will create customised audio content pieces, with engaging story based themes and brand integrated audio stand-up comedy, and promote them with multi-level targeting to their prospects, who are consuming audio content online while working or relaxing.

User generated content will evolve to the next level, as brands will motivate social media users to create entertaining non-offensive content in their own style and share it on their social media handles, with the relevant tags. Brands will them share this content on their own social media handles, and gratify selected such “amateur influencers” every week.

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