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Fail Right Before Peaking

Common Reasons Some Entrepreneurs Fail Right Before Peaking in the Business Cycle and What Challenges the Face?    

Exclusive | #WorldEmojiDay – Shiraz Khan, Spicetree Design Agency: Emojis can definitely do wonders

On the occasion of World Emoji Day 2022, Shiraz Khan, Founder / Director, Spicetree Design Agency (SDA), speaks about how emojis help in effective communication and how emojis can work wonders for brands.

Read on.

While some emojis are really brilliantly expressive and can capture many a precise shade of emotions, do you feel emojis are the lazy person’s refuge? One would say they’re a shortcut for those who don’t want to put their thoughts in words and sentences, and hence they opt for the easy way out of using emojis. Do you? What’s your view?

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